Climbing Out of the Trenches to get a View From Above

As a member of the “working committee” I spend a large portion of most Friday afternoons in meetings about the Broadway Plaza. In these meetings, we discuss everything from how the space will be used to where the bathroom signs should be mounted (on the door or on the wall next to the doors). We get weekly updates about the construction progress and each team member is assigned tasks to complete before our next meeting. Often between Friday meetings, things come up that require decisions. Sometimes these decisions can be dealt with via email; sometimes we just have to add an impromptu meeting at the construction site so we can make a decision like what color of caulk should be used in the

Saying "Yes" to Progress

It has been a full year since I left my position with the Chamber of Commerce in Concordia. It had always been a dream of mine to work for my home town helping with economic growth and business retention. Partnered alongside Cloud Corp, the Chamber had a unique position to make some big steps towards progress. During my time there I sat on multiple boards, but the biggest most exciting piece to the pie was the Broadway Plaza. I check-in almost daily on Concordia. I read social media, CCCC meeting minutes, city commission minutes and even the Blade Empire. Kansas City is home to many Concordia graduates. Almost once a week I am running into someone who is excited to say “yes” about their hom

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