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Can I bring my own alcohol to drink on the lawn?
Yes   but only during BYOB events!
BYOB is approved by the Plaza Coordinator & CloudCorp
Our concerts during our Movie & Concert Series are BYOB
If you would like your reserved/scheduled event to be BYOB it will have to be approved PRIOR to your event
There is a small fee associated to declare your event BYOB
Alcohol is not permitted when there is not an event taking place
If a scheduled BYOB event gets canceled or relocated then the BYOB is also canceled at the Plaza

Can I sell food or alcohol while the K-State game is playing on the jumbo-tron?
No   Commerce is not allowed while watching anything on cable. 

Can I watch a movie?
Yes   However, you will need to buy the Public Performance Licensing Rights for the movie. Most of the movies we will show will be free and open to the public. 

Can I bring my dog?
Yes  but we have the right to ask you to remove your animal from the Plaza if the need arises. There is a doggy area on the east side of the restrooms in case your pooch needs to tinkle and such. We do ask that you clean up any mess and not wash your dog in the Splash Pad. The Plaza is not a dog park but luckily we have one south of town by the National Guard Armory. 

Can I have a birthday party at the Broadway Plaza for free?
YES   as long as the Plaza has not already been reserved for an event and only if you are not needing access to the concessions or tech equipment. Paid events take precedents over pop-up Birthday Parties. We want the community to benefit from using the space as often as they can. Please click Advertise & Reserve for further detail.

Can I advertise to vote for a specific political party?
NO   The Broadway Plaza is a non-public forum, we can approve or deny advertisements based on the subject matter. Please click Rules & Regulations for further detail.

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