Construction Managers Hired

August 20, 2015

Last night, the Concordia City Commission approved a contract for Campbell & Johnson to be the project construction managers of the Broadway Plaza Project. This comes as a response to many in the community who expressed a desire to see local contractors working on the project. This method allows more local opportunities with the entirety of the project being supervised by Eric Johnson, just a half block away. 


This is great news. Contractors in our neck of the woods are incredibly talented and it is comforting to know they will be working on this project. Last night as the commission was considering this option, I was recalling the week of the Park Build. You will remember this was a project where the community built the park with 900 volunteers in just five days. 


We had a project manager from Ithaca, NY on site and he was impressed with how many local contractors showed up to help for the entire of charge. He also could not get over the talent of our crews and referred to them as artisans. I couldn't agree more.


I understand the scope of the Park Project was much smaller than the Broadway Plaza. It did take incredible coordination and teamwork from many different people in the community. The Park Project does make me confident we can be successful if we assemble the right team. Hiring Campbell and Johnson is a good first step in that direction. 





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